Widget Workshop

Do you need to create custom widgets for your Mendix applications? After this workshop you’ll know everything you need to know to start building your own custom widgets.

During this workshop you’ll work through a number of examples, ranging from a simple HTML widget to more complex data driven widgets. You’ll learn how Mendix builds on the Dojo lifecycle, extends it with methods to retrieve and store data, and how you can execute business logic on the Mendix server. You’ll also see how you can transform existing JavaScript widgets to Mendix widgets ready for the Mendix Business Modeler.

Target Audience

  • Mendix Advanced Developers/JavaScript developers
  • Developers with little to no knowledge about Mendix widgets


What do you need before attending this course?

  • Basic knowledge of Mendix and JavaScript


  • 0.5 days

Topics Covered

  • Building a simple Mendix widget
    • Goal: be able to create a simple Mendix widget
    • Structure of a widget, outline of folder structure, files required
    • Basic Dojo knowledge required to create Mendix widgets, Dojo lifecycle
    • Mendix widget superclass: mxui.WidgetBase
  • Data driven Mendix widget
    • Goal: be able to create a widget using entity data
    • Accessing data: Entity context, retrieving data using xpath
    • Create a widget to edit one attribute of a widget
    • Options to store data: automatically, or through save functionality
  • Wrapping 3rd party JavaScript libraries
    • Goal: be able to reuse 3rd party JavaScript libraries in Mendix widgets
    • How to wrap libraries using Dojo: dojo.require, dojo.provide, dojo.declare
    • How scoping works with Dojo and mendix
    • Retrieve Mendix entities using associations
    • Examples: image gallery, rate this widget
  • Tips en tricks
    • How to quickly change and test widget code
    • Validate your widget code using jshint
    • Debugging widget code

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