User Experience Workshop

User Experience (UX) and usability are important aspects of any application. Plenty of applications have been implemented conforming to specs and design requirements, but have completely failed in production because users are unable to use the applications. Usability is not something that can be added to an application after the engineers have created it.
To guarantee usability, it has to be taken into consideration from the start of the project. User stories start with a true understanding of the users, the goals they have, and the process they user the application to facilitate.
During this workshop you’ll learn how to make usability a true part of your Mendix project. You’ll see how usability fits into the Agile methodology, and how this impacts all stakeholders, product owners, scrum masters, engineers and other team members. You’ll also learn how the Mendix platform can be optimally used to create beautiful, intuitive applications.

Target Audience

  • Product owners
  • SCRUM masters
  • Engineers


What do you need before attending this course?

  • Experience with the platform
  • Laptop: system requirements can be found here
  • Latest Mendix 5 version installed


  • 0.5 days

Topics Covered


  • What are we trying to achieve, what is the impact on Mendix applications

Contextual interfaces

  • What are contextual interfaces and how to they benefit the user?
  • How to implement contextual interfaces using Mendix?

Human-Computer Interaction

  • What does it mean, why does it matter?
  • Short history of User heuristics
  • User expectations
  • Impact on Mendix applications, support by the Mendix platform

User and roles

  • Personas? Design Thinking? Touch points?  Business and information architecture?
  • How do you determine the type of user
  • Mendix support for different types of users and roles.

What default elements exist to support the user?

How to customize the Mendix platform to improve usability

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