Testing Workshop

The basic premise underlying agile methodologies is that for project success, and innovation in general, you need a fast feedback loop between project teams, stakeholder and end users. The faster you can validate design decisions and implementation, the faster you can iterate towards a successful product.
This means that you need to release new features early and often to your users. However, you cannot release without testing. And in practice this means you need to automate testing, and all other repetitive actions, to make sure you and your team stay productive.
In this workshop you’ll learn how you can use existing automated testing tools to test your Mendix application. Mendix is built on open web standards, enabling you to use a wide array of existing third party and open source test automation tools.
We’ll start by discussing different types of testing, and then focus on testing approaches for the different parts of your application: logic, user interface and services. For each you’ll learn how you can use existing tooling to radically decrease the effort needed to test.
After this workshop you’ll be able to cut your testing budget in half, while at the same time increasing the quality of your application significantly.

Target Audience

  • Experienced Business engineers
  • Experienced Technical engineers


What do you need before attending this course?

  • Worked on at least one Mendix project
  • Latest Mendix 5 version installed


  • 0.5 days

Topics Covered

  • Introduction: Mendix and Testing
    • The need for automated testing
    • Different levels of testing
    • Mendix platform test support
  • Unit testing
    • Using the App Store unit test module
    • How to organize your app for unit testing
    • Focus on input/output in Selenium
  • User interface testing
    • Using Selenium
    • Building test scenario’s in Selenium
  • App services, backwards compatibility

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