Styling and Theming Workshop

Every developer knows that the look and feel of your application has a big impact on how its users perceive the quality of the application. It’s essential to produce a good looking, professional application.
The Mendix platform offers a number of tools to create professional looking applications, from layouts to pre-built themes and custom themes. These options are based on well-known industry standards like HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use Mendix to build professional looking applications. We’ll start at the bottom by showing you how to apply layouts to build pages. Then we’ll dive into using existing themes and reusing 3rd party bootstrap themes with Mendix. Finally, we’ll show you how you can customize existing themes, so you can easily create application that match the brand of your organization.
After this workshop you’ll be able to translate a graphical design into a styled Mendix app. You will also know how to use templates and themes to implement a design. You’ll leave with a number of practical examples you can use in your own projects.

Target Audience

  • Technical engineers with HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Styling specialists


What do you need before attending this course?

  • Experience with HTML and CSS
  • Experience with Mendix


  • 0.5 days

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the Mendix platform
    • Usage of Html, CSS and Bootstrap in the Mendix platform
  • Overview of Page layouts
    • How to structure pages using layouts and snippets
    • How to nest layouts
    • How to optimally benefit from layouts
  • Use of existing themes
    • App-store themes,
    • Using Bootstrap themes with Mendix
    • Possibilities and limitations of themes
  • Customizing themes
    • Implementing custom CSS
  • Wrap up
    • What about usability?

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