Performance Workshop

Are your Mendix applications growing in complexity and number of users? You may need to pay extra attention to the way your application is modeled in order to provide the speed and performance your users expect.
In this workshop you’ll learn best practices for modeling on the Mendix platform with performance in mind. We’ll also show you how you can investigate and pinpoint performance bottlenecks. You’ll learn the process that Mendix uses to investigate performance issues. Then we’ll show you how to apply this in the different layers of your Mendix application: User interface, process and logic, domain model and security. Time will be allotted to discuss your own cases and examples.

Target Audience

  • Experienced Business Engineers
  • Experienced Technical Engineers


What do you need before attending this course?

  • Worked on at least one Mendix project


  • 0.5 days

Topics Covered

Short introduction in the workings of the Mendix platform

  • Request flow – from browser to database

The Mendix process to performance analysis

User interface

  • Runtime impact of different user interface elements on performance (dataviews, template grid, etc)
  • How to optimize and minimize server calls from user interface components
  • Performance info on Mendix 5 templates and snippets.

Business process and logic:

  • How to optimize Microflows
  • Use of non-persistent objects
  • Batch retrieve of entities from database

Domain model

  • Inheritance
  • Reference set
  • Virtual attributes
  • XPath constraints

Security model


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