Rapid Developer Certification

Demonstrate you baseline knowledge of the Mendix platform

A Mendix Rapid Developer has the baseline knowledge of the Mendix platform and knows where to find information in the community using the reference guides, how-to’s and Mendix Forum. A Mendix Rapid Developer can join a project team and can independently build prototypes.

To become certified as a Mendix Rapid Developer you need to have successfully completed the Rapid Developer Certification Exam. The best preparation for this exam is attending the classroom or online Mendix introduction course.

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About the exam

This web-based exam determines your understanding of basic principles from the Mendix Introduction Course. After passing this exam you will obtain the Mendix Rapid Developer Certificate.

The exam consists of a number of multiple choice questions, covering all topics as discussed during the introduction course. When signed up for this exam you can take it at your own pace on your own time. After finishing the exam, results will be immediately available and your certificate will be automatically assigned upon passing.

When attending the classroom introduction course, separate registration is not required. Attending the Mendix introduction course will automatically enroll you into the online exam. While taking the Mendix online introduction course, a separate signup is required.