Expert Developer Certification

Prove your ability to deliver Mendix applications to your customers

Certified Mendix Expert Developers have proven capable of delivering Mendix applications to their customers.

To become a certified Expert Developer, you need to complete the requirements listed below. Then you can start your application for this certification, which will evaluate your ability to successfully use your Mendix skills and knowledge to deliver applications to customers.

We believe this certification should add something new to the certification program. The Rapid Developer online exam tests knowledge and the Advanced Developer certification tests skills, so the Expert Developer certification should test more than just knowledge and skills. What lies beyond knowledge and skills? We believe that is expertise and experience.


Before your application for the Expert Certification can be accepted, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Hold an Advanced Developer certificate
  • Have at least three years of Mendix experience
  • Work on at least three successful projects as a Lead Developer
  • Successfully complete two workshops or demonstrate your expertise in at least two skills besides modeling-related skills (for example, custom Java, widget development, application governance)
  • Have 2,500 Community points (the level of points will be reevaluated each year)

Certification Path

Mendix Certification Path

Submit your application

After you have completed the Requirements, you can submit your Expert Developer certification application. The application should be submitted via this form, and the following information must be included:

  • Advanced Developer certificate number
  • Number of years of Mendix experience
  • Workshops attended or a demonstration of your expertise
  • Description of a project for at least one successfully delivered app (for details, see Project description guidelines)
  • Your Mendix portfolio (for details, see Portfolio guidelines)
  • Customer reference about the project and your performance
  • Your motivation for why you think you are an Expert Developer
  • Your answer to this question: What is the best feature Mendix has released and why?

After receiving your application, Mendix will evaluate your completion of the requirements, your motivation, the project description, the customer reference, and your Mendix portfolio. You will then be contacted to schedule an interview for verifying your skill level as presented in your application.

Project description guidelines

The project description must be delivered in a separate Word document. The following details should be included: Download format

  • Project name
  • Project duration
  • Team members and their roles
  • Business case
    • Process covered
    • Impact for the customer
  • Technical application description
  • Project
    • General approach
    • Your role as a lead developer
    • What challenges did you face during the project, how did you approach these challenges, and how did you resolve them?

Portfolio guidelines

The portfolio must be delivered in a separate Word document. The following details should be included: Download format

  • Employer name
  • Project name
  • Customer
  • Your project role
  • Duration
  • Short description of the project


Upon a positive evaluation and interview, the Mendix Academy will assign you the Expert Developer Certificate.