Advanced Developer Certification

Prove your knowledge and skills to build production-ready apps

Certified Mendix Advanced Developer have the knowledge and skills required to build production-ready applications.

To become certified as a Mendix Advanced Developer you need to successfully complete the practical Advanced Developer Certification Exam. The best preparation for this exam is attending the classroom Mendix Advanced Course and gaining experience with the Mendix app platform in real life projects.

Advanced Developer Exam

This practical certification exam is a hands-on, practical assignment where you will prove your skills and knowledge in the Mendix App Platform.

During this exam, you will complete a number of assignments. All assignments are associated with a business case that has been introduced to you during the Introduction and Advanced course. The data structure (Domain model), UI (pages) and application logic (Microflows) are based on material covered in the Advanced Course.

Once you finish the exam, your explanations will be assessed by a Certified Mendix Trainer. Assessment is done using various categories that portray your overall knowledge of the Mendix App Platform. Each category covers a specific part of the tested skills and understanding. For each individual category, a minimum of 60% and for the whole exam, a minimum of 75% must be achieved in order to pass the exam.


What do you need before taking the certification exam?

  • Have advanced knowledge of the Mendix platform; by completing the Mendix Advanced Course or self-study.
  • Profound experience with the app platform
  • Mendix Rapid Developer certificate

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