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For individual developers to enterprise teams, training is an essential step to success with Mendix. Whether it’s self-paced online training, classroom instruction from our team of experts or (on-demand) expert webinars on specific topics, Mendix can help you build the experience and expertise you need to quickly turn ideas into apps.

Mendix Badges

Hand in hand with training, the Mendix Developer Certification Program validates your Mendix knowledge, skills, expertise and contribution to the Mendix community. Certification acknowledges your Mendix expertise and demonstrates to others that you have the skills and experience to take full advantage of all that the Mendix platform has to offer. Learn more about getting Mendix certified

I went to the Mendix office for a three day introductory training course. I quickly saw the business opportunity – our ability to extend SAP functionality with smaller apps that can be built faster.

Developer Training & Certification Program

Introduction CourseClassroomOnline

Learn the fundamentals of the Mendix platform as well as when and where to use them. In this Introduction to Mendix Course, aspiring developers will be equipped with the tools necessary to start building web and mobile Mendix applications. See full curriculum


  • Mendix projects
  • Domain model
  • Pages and design
  • Teamserver
  • Data consistency
  • Microflows
  • Security
  • Multi language apps

Become a certified rapid developer
After taking the introduction course online or in the classroom, you will be prepared for the next step – taking the rapid developer certification exam.

Advanced CourseClassroom

Take your Mendix skills to the next level! The Mendix Advanced Course will prepare you to build applications using all the components of the Mendix platform. You will learn advanced modeling options, design patterns, and modeling best practices. These skills will help you effectively drive digital innovation using the Mendix platform. See full curriculum


  • Modeling microflows
  • Consuming data
  • Handling documents
  • Domain model
  • Catching errors
  • Building advanced pages
  • Advanced security options

Become a certified advanced developer
Together, the introduction and advanced courses will prepare you for the advanced developer certification exam. In addition, embedding the learned theory and practices are essential exercises before taking the advanced developer certification exam.

Expert ProgramProject

In addition to your advanced knowledge and skills, to be a Mendix Expert you must also have the ability to leverage what you’ve learned to drive innovative collaboration with customers and build their apps. See full requirements

Become a certified expert developer
By showing your leadership in running Mendix projects and interacting with stakeholders to get the best out of the project for the customer, you will become a Mendix expert. Proving this will lead you to the Expert Developer Certification.

On-Demand Expert Webinars

Mendix provides a series of live and interactive free training webinars to get in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the Mendix platform. These webinars are a great opportunity to engage with our subject matter experts in order to enhance your development knowledge. Our wide range of webinars include topic like UX, performance, Quality Assurance, and many more.
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  • UX
  • Widgets
  • Java
  • QA
  • OData
  • Error Handling
  • Performance
  • REST Integration
  • Styling
  • Mobile
  • Troubleshooting

Mendix Developer Certification Program

The Mendix Developer Certification Program enables you to validate your Mendix knowledge, skills, expertise and contribution to the Mendix Community. The certification you obtain contributes to your ranking and visibility and will be directly visible to the community.

(What if I’m already certified?)

You were:
  • Certified Mendix Apprentice
  • Certified Business Engineer
You are:
  • Certified Rapid Developer
  • Certified Advanced Developer

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Advanced Developer
Pass the Advanced Developer Exam to become a Mendix Certified Advanced Developer.
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Rapid Developer
Pass the Rapid Developer Exam to become a Mendix Certified Rapid Developer.
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Expert Developer
Prove your ability to deliver Mendix applications to your customers.
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