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What is the Platform SDK / Model SDK?

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The Platform SDK is a TypeScript- & JavaScript-based SDK that, through the Model SDK, provides access to the inner workings of every Mendix app. With it you can:

  • 'read' from your app model, e.g. analyze the quality of your app model, or generate a high-level diagram to document your app
  • 'write' to your app model, from creating a new entity in your domain model, adding an activity to an existing microflow, to generating a whole new Mendix app based on a legacy code base

Basically, it allows you to automate any tedious or error-prone task. If you imagine it, there's probably a way to do it via the Model SDK.

Getting Started With the Model SDK

To help you get started, we created a Getting started guide. But if you want to jump in at the deep end, an overview of our documentation can be found here.

Quick Setup

  1. 1 npm init --yes
  2. 2 npm install -g typescript
  3. 3 npm install mendixmodelsdk mendixplatformsdk when @types/when --save
  4. 4 tsc --init
step by step tutorial

Example Use Cases

Legacy Apps

Import legacy code

Move your legacy applications into a cloud-based, modern technology. With the Mendix SDK, you are empowered to build legacy software transformation tools that target the Mendix platform.
Analyze your apps

Analyze your apps

If you are looking to improve your existing app models, it can be hard to figure out where the complexity is. Mendix models are completely open and accessible, making it possible to automate model quality analysis.
Export your app

Export your app

The SDK allows you to export your app model and take it anywhere. So take any page, microflow or other model element and transform it into code, documentation, or into scaffolding for a testing tool.
Export your app

Modify your apps

Updating your existing Mendix app models can sometimes be tedious to do by hand. Write a script to execute all the boring changes automatically. Focus on the creative and fun parts of your app!


The Mendix Model SDK provides you with a whole new way to interact with your app. Through this API you get full access to all aspects of your app model, enabling you to both read from and write to it. We have opened up our Metamodel, a detailed description of how all Mendix app models are structured. Explore the inner workings of every Mendix app in our Metamodel reference guide.
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