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  • Naming microflow call as “CurrentUser” causes bug/error
    Not really a question I'm just posting here for posterity. I'm also not really sure where you go to report bugs.   In my microflow I called microflow which I called "CurrentUser". This call returns a string variable. Using that name "CurrentUser" however causes the platform to retrieve something else instead
    21-Jul-2017By Jon Higginbotham
    18 hours ago
  • Mendix model api error in modeler when using microflowCallParameterMapping
      I used the model api to generate code for creating a microflow. The code included: var microflowCallParameterMapping1 = microflows.MicroflowCallParameterMapping.create(model); microflowCallParameterMapping1.argument = "'CodeGenerator.NavigateToWelcome'"; var microflowCall2 = microflows.MicroflowCall.create(model); microflowCall2.microflow = model.findMicroflowByQualifiedName("Component_PageView.ChangeCurrentPage"); microflowCall2.parameterMappings.push(microflowCallParameterMapping1); The code run's, but after updating in de Modeler I get the error: System.NullReferenceException: Object
    20-Jul-2017By Martijn Raats
    1 day ago
  • Login Widget Issues
    So here are my issues: - The login widget from the app store:  Doesn't parse spaces out of the front or the back of the login name (and i'm having a TON of people with android having an issue where they can't login and almost all of them somehow got a
    20-Jul-2017By Jonathan Foucheaux
    1 day ago
  • Cloud vs local app not in sync
    All the data I've been adding via the modeler appears partially or as blank through the cloud version. When I login through and navigate to View App, other than the layout, everything is different.   Is there a way to avoid having to input everything manually? I'm using the
    20-Jul-2017By Jim Schoorl
    1 day ago
  • How are IDs handled when converting an existing entity into a specialization of a ...
    Currently, we have existing table A with data that we want to convert into a specialized entity.    Here is what we are currently seeing: table A has IDs 1,2,3,4 and these get converted to a generalized table B we then create an objects in table C(inherits from B) and
    20-Jul-2017By Nicholas Pappas
    1 day ago
  • Setting Up Your First Mendix Project [Community Webinar]
    New to Mendix and want to know how to set up your first project and project team? Daniela Field has you covered in our upcoming community webinar on August 17th. During this webinar you will learn about the following topics: The Mendix Agile Process -sprints, user stories, and feedback Team
    20-Jul-2017By Jan de Vries
    1 day ago

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  • Simple CSV Exporter
    This module is used for exporting to CSV from microflow.
    2 days ago
  • Reporting 4 Mendix
    Are you looking for a fast way to create reports? With the Reporting 4 Mendix module you can create reports for Mendix application very easily. Faster and broader than the standard Mendix reports. When to use? - If standard Mendix reporting is too slow and BI software just a step
    2 days ago



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