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  • Empty response in SOAP request?
    Hi guys, So I have two SOAP requests, The first one is used to get an ID, which gets stored and used in the second call. The second call now does not return an error, but it does give me an empty response for some reason. I've tried it in
    26-May-2017By Nathan Ruth
    3 days ago
  • Compile failure in SMTP email module
    Hi all - hope you can help me with this little problem: I have upgraded an app from 10.4 to 7.2. Only issue left to resolve is this one in the AppStore SMTPEmailModule. com.mendix.util.classloading is called but does not exist. Looks like the 2nd failure is dependent on this one. It
    26-May-2017By David Fox
    3 days ago
  • I would like to set a value on all of the rows in an entity – I need to be a...
    I would like to set a value on all of the rows in an entity.  I am using an iterator which is very slow because when I look at the update in APM it's actually building an "In" clause and then udpating the value.  Is there a way to do a
    25-May-2017By Joshua Davis
    4 days ago
  • Resizing of base64 images in rich text when used in document generation (PDF)
    We are generating reports in our application with a document template that receives part of the document from a rich text input. We are using the CKEditor widget to capture the rich text. Sometimes, the rich text input includes a base64 image, which I can resize in the editor, and
    25-May-2017By Kyle Kunzer
    4 days ago
  • Search on Interger values in mendix Auto Complete widget
    Hi I have used The mendix Auto Complete widget number of times in my projects. But now I am developing a project that needs to search on a Product Code. This product code is an Interger Value stored in an Entity along with the product details.  But when I try
    25-May-2017By Dilan Pinnedoowe
    4 days ago
  • Video Players not working in cloud
    Hi, I am looking for a solution for playing video files from a URL in Mendix. The video files are being stored in Amazon S3 servers, I'm generating a signed URL and need to play the videos. I've tried using "Audio Video Playback" and "JWPlayer" from the app store. Both
    25-May-2017By Luke Cassar
    4 days ago

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  • Data Grid Extension (Flex Headers)
    End of live notice: This widget will not longer be me maintained. The Mendix Data Grid Extension, Give the end user more flexibility how a grid should show data by giving to option to hide and move columns and allow them store there settings including column with and sort order.
    7 days ago
  • FormatNumber
    FormatNumber is a small widget which gives you more control in the way decimals and integers are displayed to the end-user. It gives you the possibility to format digit grouping (group size and separator symbol), digits after the decimal, and set a pre-/postfix.
    1 week ago



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