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  • Modeler freeze: click on another tab whilst still in a text (edit) field
    In the (desktop) Modeler, if I type/ change some text in a text box and then immediately (from there) try to open another tab, instead of first clicking somewhere else on the page to 'save and close' the text box, my Modeler freezes. Others have this problem too?  Note: to
    23-Nov-2017By Joris Hehenkamp
    20 hours ago
  • Full Glyphicons library in Mendix
    Hello everybody, We've downloaded the full Glyphicons library package and managed to implement it into our Mendix project by custom CSS. This works fine when we want to use the icons in text/headers/etc, but not for buttons/navigation. When you apply the Glyphicons class to a button, it (logically) also changes
    23-Nov-2017By Bas van Heugten
    21 hours ago
  • Addresslookup API
    Hi  I am new to Mendix. I am trying to use Address Lookup API to search some valid US addresses. Anyone how do I configure it to be able to search USA addresses? Thanks Ping
    23-Nov-2017By Ping Gu
    1 day ago
  • Radio button list error in 7.8 version
    Hello, The "Radiobutton List" widget helped us in designing the associations as radio button until Modeler 6.9.0. Now we have upgraded the modeler to 7.8 version and while migrating the project we are getting the below issue which occurs when user navigates away from the radio button page to other
    22-Nov-2017By RUPESH RACHURI
    2 days ago
  • Javascript Snippet: Commit Error Code 560
    Hey all, I'm having an issue creating and committing mxobjects within my javascript snippet. If i create an object, then commit it with these functions: 1.){ entity: "MyFirstModule.Score", callback: function(obj) { console.log("Object created on server"); tempMxobj = obj; gameId = "" + obj["_guid"]; gameObject = obj["jsonData"]; }, error: function(e)
    22-Nov-2017By Samuel Dyer
    2 days ago
  • Long time period for export xml mapping and File Document download
    Hi guys, I am currently using the export- xml mapping that has alot of processing going on. I have an issue trying to process over 6000 records in an excel that I'm importing from, and using that to do the export xml mapping function.  I would like to know how can i adjust any
    22-Nov-2017By Mo Ras
    2 days ago

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  • Forgot Password module
    When building an application it is no longer necessary to build your own functionality to allow users to reset their password. Just download this module, the email module and deeplink module. The user can enter their email address, and an email will be send with a confirmation link. The user
    7 days ago
  • Format String
    This widget lets you insert a custom text into a page, replacing string variables by values from a context object .
    1 week ago



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