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  • Hiding rows in data view
    Hello, I am trying to find ways of hiding text boxes in a data view when a specific condition is met. To give you some context, the entity this data view uses has lots of pretty big text boxes/areas to display and if one of them has no content would
    24-Apr-2017By Ferdinando Esposito
    19 hours ago
  •  It seems that this app doesn’t exist or isn’t configured correctly.
    To test some problems I created new applicatuion, its on the teamserver but I cant deplay in sandbox.    When I click the deplay section of the APP  I get:   App Missing  It seems that this app doesn't exist or isn't configured correctly.   In de modeller the run
    24-Apr-2017By Arthur van der Molen
    20 hours ago
  • Data Tables: Sort order defaults and progress bar for buttons.
    Hi There   There are two things i can’t do, am i overlooking something?   First thing: I would like to show each the data descending date, but the default is ascending and i cant change it. e.g. I have a list of stock takes and i would like to
    24-Apr-2017By Patrick Gerardi
    20 hours ago
  • Styling – Hover icons for dashboard
    Hi there, I have 2 simple questions about using custom images for theming purposes. I have created a theme for our application, where i have defined custom urls for the :hover of some dashboard images. These images are contained in my mendix folder structure under: stylesimages folder. Locally this works fine, but
    24-Apr-2017By Bertram Kranz
    20 hours ago
  • Display multiline strings on Data Grid
    Hi, When I display multiline strings on data grid, line breaks are replaced with space. Is there any way to display multiline strings on Data Grid without replacing line breaks with spaces? Regards  
    24-Apr-2017By Naomichi Baba
    21 hours ago
  • Setting association in a microflow based on specific attribute
    I've imported new data and made it into an ImportEntity. Using a microflow I can turn that entity into another one. I'm struggling to set the association the new entity requires through a microflow. I've tried to understand what this question and this question did but I couldn't get further.   This
    24-Apr-2017By Jim Schoorl
    22 hours ago

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  • Survey Builder
    Survey Builder lets you create and send surveys with ease. A simple poll? In-depth market research? We’ve got you covered. Create any type of survey—from simple to sophisticated—with our powerful and easy-to-use survey builder. This sample App is using the Questionnaire module from the App Store.
    22 hours ago
  • Employee Directory
    Employee Directory focuses on the main aspects of managing a big group of people, like a company or institution, and gives the user the ability to view a simple and brief overview of this group. Upon clicking on an employee a more informative view can be shown. Not only does
    22 hours ago

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