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Native REST publish, query parameter starting with $

How can I publish a native REST service with a query parameter starting with a $ sign? The goal is to expose a resource conformant to the OData v4 specification. An example of such a URL is:$top=50&$skip=0.

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  • OData
  • rest-publish

Hybrid Offline profiles - Mendix 6.10.12

Hello, I am interested in offline functionality within Mendix 6.10.12. Today, I tested offline functionality, however I could not include offline functionality for both Hybrid profiles.  There are two hybrid profiles and if I enable offline functionality for Phone, then when I run app via Phone (...

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  • 6.10.12

David Mandic


Enum caption language is always English after upgrade

After upgrading from 6.10.9 to 7.8.0 the caption of enumeration values is always shown in English in the text widget. In normal text field, the user language is correctly applied. Is this a bug or have I missed a new configuration?

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Mendix Community Update #1 February 2018

It’s been a busy couple of months, with Atlas UI going GA, a whole stack of Web Modeler updates, two new MVPs, busy knowledge meetups, and much more. In fact, we have so many things to share that we decided to package it all up in a new video: the Community Update. Enjoy!

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This module decouples Validation from Validation Feedback, allowing you to use one validation microflow for both a web form and webservice. You can validate all the required fields in a dedicated validation flow and you have the option to show the results as feedback items on fields in a screen...

  • Feb 24, 2018
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Community Commons Function Library

This module adds a number reusable Java methods to your project, which can be called from Microflows or custom Java actions. The content of this module is the result of many questions and answers posted at, and investigating several project. The module addes functionality fo...

  • Feb 22, 2018
  • 18917

Bizzomate Google Timeline Chart

This widget implements the Google Timeline Chart in Mendix. An efficient way to display (and possibly edit) time related entries in your domain model. Also see for more information on the functionalities and limitations of the ...

  • Feb 22, 2018
  • 59