IT Traineeship

Do you have a Bachelor or Master degree and do you want to start or advance your career in IT? Learn how to develop apps without coding experience and start a new career!

As an IT Trainee, we educate you in the low-code development platform called Mendix. At the same time, we find you a suitable employer to proceed with a great career in IT.

Work and Learn
We find you an employer that develops apps in Mendix. Your new employer is innovative and has agile software development strategies. The company sizes vary from large to small in various industries. And, they are always leaders in their field.
If there is a match between you and the company, they hire you in their team. The Mansystems Academy provides you with the right skillset. You will become a Mendix Expert within one year.

What will you do?
The first 7 weeks you attend an internal training at Mansystems. Mansystems has been a Mendix partner for years. Our senior experts master every aspect of the platform.

After 7 weeks, you start working in your new job. We coach you with a combination of theory and practice for an entire year.

How do we recognize Mendix Talent?
First, we want to find out if the Mendix platform is a fit for you! That’s why we ask you to develop an app as part of the selection process and we ask you to do some tests.

Whether you have an IT background or you are IT-minded, Mendix could be the platform for you! Welcome to the Mendix Community!

About the Mansystems Academy
We believe in the power of learning & working. The Mansystems Mendix Academy is part of Mansystems. As a leading Mendix Partner, we have the know-how to develop talent into Mendix Experts.

Our Senior Mendix Experts have been carefully selected, tested and educated. At the Mansystems Academy, we know how you can become the Expert you want to be.

Do you want to become a Mendix Expert?


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