Mendix Trainer

Do you as a Mendix consultant see how scarce Mendix developers are?

Do you enjoy sharing your Mendix knowledge, both nationally and internationally?

Have you thought about coaching new Mendix talent?

If yes, then we have the right opportunity for you at Mansystems; become our new Mendix Trainer!


Mendix Trainer at the Mansystems Mendix Academy

In the summer of 2017 we launched a unique concept; the Mansystems Mendix Academy.

The idea for the Mendix traineeship originated because of the growth in organizations strategically choosing for Mendix. At the same time, there was the realization that there are a limited number of Mendix Developers in the market. We decided to empower these companies to build their own Mendix team.

Mansystems is a longtime Mendix consultancy company. We have vast Mendix knowledge in-house. We have trained many employees in the past and want to empower customers to build a professional development team. . That’s why, we launched the Academy! The place to be for the most comprehensive Mendix traineeship.

But, we need your help!

As our new Mendix Trainer, you decide how to coach future talent. Alongside Mendix Expert, Rene van Hofwegen, you will grow the Mendix Traineeship. You will devise webinars, and help design our new TechCampus! You will also share your knowledge, not only in universities within the Netherlands but also in Belgium, Germany, and England.


What do we ask of you?

– You have at least 1-year experience as a Mendix Consultant / Developer

– You are a certified Mendix Advanced Developer or attained this level

– You have a HBO or WO diploma

– You speak Dutch fluently

– Master English in word and writing

It would be great if you have knowledge of, and experience with the following. However, they are not necessary:

– Web techniques (such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript)

– Integrations (SOAP, REST, API)

– Project management

– Control of the German and/ or French language



Mansystems exists for 25 years and is a professional medium-sized IT consultancy company with offices in Rijsenhout (Schiphol), Barneveld and two offices in Germany. We are a Mendix house and in addition to the Academy, we specialize in building applications. We create apps for companies in all sectors; from the Lora Developers Network to the Waterbus in Rotterdam.

We are a flat organization with open lines of communication. Collegiality and achieving a goal together are some of our most important values. This is also expressed through our salary and secondary benefits.

And, we have a great canteen with a billiard and football table at the office to relax!


What do we offer?

Depending on your level of expertise, we offer a monthly salary between 3.000 to 4.500 euros per month.

You also receive excellent terms of employment such as a great pension scheme, telephone, laptop and lease car. Your personal development is imperative to us. You can follow unlimited courses to further broaden your knowledge of Java, UX Design, Selenium and so on.

Type of employment: Full-time


What else?

We aim to become the international hotspot for Mendix, but we need you to help us!

Apply soon, or give us a call if you want to know more about becoming a Mendix Trainer, please ask for Evelien: +31 (0) 342 404 800.

Lead Mendix Consultant

As a Lead Mendix Consultant you ask the important questions: what does your customer want to achieve? How do we drive Digital transformation? How do you create value?

  • You give advice on possibilities. You write out processes, give workshops, and work in a scrum team. You build the app for the customer, in a team.
  • You are the senior developer, other times, the scrum master.
  • We ensure quality. That is why a balance between senior and junior engineers is a must. As a Mendix expert, you are also responsible for coaching enthusiastic newcomers who want to grow as a person and as a Mendix developer.

Why is Mansystems, Mendix Partner, the best choice for you?

  • As a strategic Mendix Partner we build the greatest apps for our customers. We’ve built an app for lung patients, the KPN Lora Developer Portal and for an e-commerce company. That is what we love: building great apps for all kinds of companies and industries.
  • We work in customer teams. Every Mendix team serves a number of customers. Support, UX, Graphic design, Developers are part of a customer team. That way the quality of the app is guaranteed and transferring knowledge to support goes smoothly.
  • Quality is key at Mansystems. Our development of the Application Test Suite and the Application Performance Monitor proof it. Together with Mendix, we sell these tools as part of Mendix 7.0 around the world, to enhance user-experience and improve quality of Mendix apps.
  • With these tools our developers deliver great apps and our support and quality is unprecedented. We proactively see performance issues and can react accordingly. That is why we have high customer satisfaction rating.

What else?
Some business engineers are more technical than others. Technical oriented engineers also develop in JavaScript, HTML5 and/or CSS. Others prefer to focus on the business side. You choose the path that suits your ambition the best.

A Bachelor’s degree is a requirement and you must speak Dutch and English.
Contact us if you want to work in an open, informal culture with flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home. And, just as important, we have a pleasant lunchroom, a pool table and a foosball table at the office. Our offices are located in Barneveld and Rijsenhout (near Schiphol).

Depending on your level of experience, we offer between 3500 and 5000 euro per month and excellent secondary benefits such as a good pension plan, phone, laptop and a company car. Your personal development is also important to us. With unlimited online technical training possibilities, you can extend your skills on i.e. Java, UX Design, Selenium at any time.