Become A Meetup Leader

Become a Mendix Meetup leader.

Meetup Leaders go above and beyond to create engaging and fun events. Sounds like you? Read on and learn what it takes.

You’re a Planner

Leaders organize at least two events every year. Our team offers support by providing resources, swag, and promotional content.

You’re a Promoter

Successful events require effective promotion. Activate your network to get people to the meetup. Just getting started? We"ll help you promote the meetups!

You’re a Thought Leader

You’re on top of the latest and greatest in Mendix land, new releases, and know what your audience wants to hear. The content always hits the right spot with your attendees.

How do I sign up?

Becoming a leader is simple, just follow these steps:

Record a short video

Why do you want to be a Meetup Leader? Tell us what you will bring to the table at Maker Meetups.

Submit Application

Use the form below to provide us with some basic information, as well as your video.

Video Interview

We’ll reach out and work with you to schedule a good time to sit down and chat virtually.

Meetup Leader Access

If your application is successful, we will then give you access to the meetup group or create the back end system and tools. If your application is denied, we will let you know.

Let’s do this.

Meetup Leader Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why become a Meetup Leader?
    • Get recognition as a leader with the community, partners, customers and other professionals
    • Gain exposure in Mendix-branded promotional material
    • A variety of benefits, like swag, meetup group access, and a private Slack channel for Meetup Leaders
    • Connect with other Meetup Leaders around the world so you can collaborate to host the best events possible
  • Who is this opportunity for?

    This is for community member who:

    • want to build community
    • want to help grow the low-code market
    • encourage others to share their knowledge
    • bring professionals together
    • want to make new contacts and build relationships that extend beyond the meetup
  • What is a Mendix Meetup?
    • Free to attend
    • Open to everyone
    • Led by Meetup Leaders
    • Independently organized with support from Mendix
    • An ongoing group that meets regularly
    • A friendly environment to ask questions, share knowledge and meet other users
  • What a Mendix Meetup is not
    • A place for sales pitches
    • A one-off or VIP event
    • A free dinner
    • A suit-and-tie event, unless you’re doing a special themed event, of course!