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Explanation required on Dropbox usage in rapid development course

Hi everyone currently going throught the rapid developer course. I’m at the section : 4.8 Associations in the Domain Model When at the stage of creating a dropbox widget using the data coming from the other entities,  I include the dropbox without issue in the container. However when I want to link…

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How to collect proper data

Hello, I am building an app that uses questions to customize an item based on the users answers. The only information collected by the user is their name and email address. The steps right now are the first screen prompts them to enter the information, followed by 37 questions that need to be captu…

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Problems using a specific kind of color in a PieChart.

Hi Guys!! This is my first post in the community, so I would really appreciate a couple of likes so more people can see my problem (Maybe this will help other people too in the future). So, I’m currently working with a few charts in my app, and everything is going wondeful. But when I started worki…

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Application banner

Hello,   In our current project we would like to have some "Maintenance banner” visible through the app. Admin user would be able to enable/disable this maintenance banner from the Settings page.  I have added that banner inside the Header snippet which is then added to our Custom app layout and on…

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Control center, new marketplace, and selective sync feature - Mendix 8.18 Release Video

This is the moment we have all been waiting for! The new Mendix Release video is here, sit back and enjoy the video.

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  • Snowflake Connector

    This module extends the Database Connector module and creates a configuration layer for connecting to snowflake and manage multiple connection / database profiles. There is also the possibility of executing async queries to a snowflake database and altering warehouse size.

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  • Excel importer

    Use this module to import needed Excel files. Simply configure an import template and call the import Java action. Version 10.x is compatible with Atlas UI 3, while version 9.x is with Atlas UI 2.

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  • Azure Application Insights by 2G

    This module was created to integrate the logging from the Mendix applciation into Azure Application Insights. The purpose of this module is two-fold: - Send default Mendix logging to Application Insights - Send custom metrics information to Application Insights The reason for this is that if yo...

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