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Json Import Mapping does not work

I currently have a JSON Import Mapping that does not work, even though I try to stick to all Steps from the Tutorials, for example this one: I have a List View that has a Microflow as a Source. This microflow consumes a REST Service to get a JSO…

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  • Microflows
  • JSON
  • Mapping

Autocommitted objects deleted AFTER commit action.

Hello, I have a situation where I have a microflow that is called from a page and which receives 1 object as input parameter. This object is committed in the flow, and after the commit, only a log-action happens before the microflow is finished. Several times a day however, there are log-messages w…

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  • Databases
  • autocommitted
  • Pusher

File Documents and PostgreSQL migration

We have an app that makes use of file documents which are associated with entities.  This is a 1-1 association.  We are migrating the PostgresSQL database from version 9.4 to 9.6.  I’m wondering if there will be any problems maintaining the associations between the entities and their file documents…

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  • Databases
  • filedocument
  • PostgresSQL
  • upgrade
  • migration

How can I set Date Formatting in Data Grid 2?

I format my dates “d mmm yyyy” because that format is read the same way globally and it is impossible to make a mistake interpreting the date with this format. However, in Data Grid 2, I cannot figure out how to set the date formatting to match.  Is it possible to set my date format in Data Grid 2 …

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  • Widgets
  • datagrid2
  • DataGrid2

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  • Simple Redis Connector

    This application was developed in order to provide a simple way to connect your mendix app to a running Redis instance. Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as database, cache and message broker. It supports data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, s...

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  • Nanoflow Commons

    Common actions to use in your nanoflows.

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  • Native Mobile Resources

    This module contains a rich set of widgets & nanoflow actions for native mobile. A must have for native mobile development!

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