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Splitting Strings

I have 2 attributes namely firstname and lastname for me there is type ahead search and have to select a name available in the list that I have to store Frist Name in firstname attrubute and middle name and last name in lastname attribute. do I need to create a new attribute and save in that and th…

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Conditional home page based on multiple user roles

Hi everyone, My app involves conditional home pages that depend on multiple user roles. Essentially, there are two dashboards. Depending on the roles, one of the following three pages should open:  Dashboad 1: Account only has a role to access this part of the app. Dashboard 2: Account only has a r…

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Calendar Widget Repeat events daily

Hello Mendix Community, I’m using a calendar widget that I would like the events to show up every day. My input to create an event only ask for a start/end time. No dates. Is there a way to show these events every day instead of just a fixed day. I’m currently using the day view on the calendar wid…

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Excel Importer Not Importing

I am having an issue with the Excel Importer not importing. I have a Domain with a Project and 1-to-many to Barcodes. When I import, I get a message that says 197 records have been imported, however when I go to the page with barcodes, it does not show any. On the Import Template I have the followi…

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  • Native file documents sample project

    Sample project for Native File Documents module.

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  • Mendix Experience Day

    The starter template for the Mendix Experience Day

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  • Tag Selector

    The Tag Selector is a pluggable widget that implements the popular react-select library for Mendix. It allows both for the creation and selection of tags (or any other object). The widget is setup so all the logic for selection/creation/deletion/retrieval can happen in Mendix.

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