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Duplicate and edit datagrid row with microflow

I am trying to duplicdatagrid.ate a datagrid row, my logic is create object from current datagrid--> Change obeject-->Show New Edit page of Dat grid. I have added an action button on datagrid control bar as name Duplicate. Now when I click on Duplicate button i get a new row but the data of...

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Ma zong


Url with Object {Id} redirect to login problem

I have configured mendix url, however, when try to use the link of object Id, I am redirected to login page even when I am login and it loop continuously without allowing me to access the page. I tested the homepage and other pages without  {Id} and they working.  ............/p/FAE/365...

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In Mendix 7.17, you’ll find updated charts, enhanced microflow capabilities in the Web Modeler and several delighters to make developers’ jobs easier.

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DateRange Picker

DateRangePicker An implementation of Dann Grossman's DateRangePicker ( Some key-features: - select a range of dates by using the daterange picker - select time using a timepicker - set custom date/time format - set a custom placeholder text See https://daterange...

  • Dec 07, 2018
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bunq hackathon solution

bunq-hackathon solution We want to share our solution we made with Mendix during the very first bunq hackathon the 1st of September this year bunq is planning a second hackathon so you can use our solution as a working example to kickstart your solution or cre...

  • Dec 07, 2018
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Image Crop

This module can transform images based on a selection made in the browser.

  • Dec 06, 2018
  • 794