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  • Focus On DataGrid SearchFields Inside a Tab
    Hi, I have a DataGrid inside a Tab Control. The DataGrid is in the first tab which is also a default tab. I am trying to set the focus to the first Seach field inside the DataGrid, but inspite if trying many combinations of tab indices, I am not able
    29-Aug-2016By Sharad R K
    3 hours ago
  • Cloud Deployment
    I want to deploy my mendix package on Cloud (preferably with IBM Bluemix). Can anybody give me steps to follow and API endpoint error is coming that cannot connect to specified API endpoint. I am using mendix version 6.7,1
    29-Aug-2016By Rohit Gupta
    6 hours ago
  • Printing currency values like € 10,60
    I'm trying to print currency values like € 10,60, but I get € 10,6. The last zero/zeroes will not be printed. How will I get a correct result? Piet
    29-Aug-2016By Piet Borst
    8 hours ago
  • Cannot connect to specified api endpoint
    I am trying a POC to deploy my packages on cloud so for that i subscribed to 30days trail on IBM Bluemix. Account created successful but now i am mendix modeler is not letting me proceed with information as Information : "Cannot connet to specified api endpoint" on edit cloud
    29-Aug-2016By Rohit Gupta
    10 hours ago
  • Logout button for local user
    Hi all, I am trying to implement a logout button for a local user. Any pointers? Would be highly appreciated
    28-Aug-2016By Tim Baumer
    1 day ago
  • Constraining a Data Grid on a Current Object
    Hi I am trying to build a wizard flow for the creation of records. I have 2 associated entities Contact and Address, which is a one to many relationship. When I am on the page creating address I want to be able to cycle through the creation of multiple addresses
    28-Aug-2016By Sean Sloan
    1 day ago


Developer Blog

  • Progressing Through Progress Bars
    In this post I will highlight one of the available progress bar widgets, which is a great tool for displaying the progression of a workflow to the user. Why use a progress bar widget? When going through a multi-step process in your app (such as completing an order form or
    19-Aug-2016By Joe Ranieri
    1 week ago
  • Make Smarter Mobile Apps with Push Notifications
    Our community is constantly adding cool new widgets and modules to the Mendix App Store. If you’re not aware of everything the Mendix App Store has to offer, check out our previous reviews on UI building blocks and the ChartsJS widget family. This week I’m highlighting the Push Notifications Connector,
    17-Aug-2016By Robert Bond
    2 weeks ago
  • Showcase your Mendix Contributions and Earn Points
    We take a lot of pride in how vibrant the Mendix community is. The community is involved in many different activities both online and offline. For example, just last year, we had 600 unique attendees at our monthly Mendix Meetups. And the percentage of questions answered on the Mendix Forum
    15-Aug-2016By Leon van Moorsel
    2 weeks ago

App Store Updates

  • Simple CSV Exporter
    This module is used for exporting to CSV from microflow.
    5 hours ago
  • Word Merging 4 Mendix
    Do you want to use the best tool for layouts available for documents? The must-have solution for document generation within Mendix applications. Generate documents based on MS word templates and export to Word, PDF, HTML and 20 other formats. When to use it? - For documents with layouts like invoices
    5 hours ago
  • Tab Extension (Dynamic tab names, Buttons)
    Extends the Mendix tab with some nice features. - Set the name of the tab based on a attribute value - Simple template for names. Use badge in tabs. "4" - Add buttons next to the tabs. (rendered as Button, link or Tab) - Responsive moving second row of tabs
    5 hours ago

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