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  • LDAP User sync isse
    Hi,   It seems that I can't synchronize users from groups when the the group is a CN versus an OU. ( CN=mendix-appname-admins vs OU=mendix-appname-admins ) Most of the groups in the domain are configured as CN.  I support other non-mendix applications that use ldap and work with groups like this.  Is
    21-Jul-2017By Michael Kwiatek
    4 hours ago
  • REST service (GET) Connection Refused
    Hey,   For an App i've integrated a Postcode (zip-code) Api. It used to work, now suddenly it does not work anymore. Yet when I use postman, and use the exact same GET function it works perfectly.  Is the mendix server on a blacklist, when I use the API service,
    21-Jul-2017By Rutger de Boer
    5 hours ago
  • REST response for long datatype converting from String
    I am getting a response from REST service which contains long datatype but Mendix is treating that at string and converting it to Long then which is throwing  NumberFormatException error .   Rest Service Respone :  {"date":"2017-05-08 00:00:00","quantity":-3900000,"item":"food","type":"Others"} Resposne in Mendix (via log level as Trace) {"date":"2017-05-08 00:00:00","quantity":-3900000.0,"item":"food","type":"Others"} datatype of quantity in import
    21-Jul-2017By Rohit Gupta
    6 hours ago
  • List operation ‘substract’
    It is friday!!! So maybe I am already on my weekend break... I thought I had a very simple issue, but it turned into a headache today. I want to use a 'list operation'in a Microflow to determine the difference between 2 imports of data. In order to tell the
    21-Jul-2017By Mark Roemers [AntTail]
    6 hours ago
  • How to do SHA-512 hashing
    to call a rest service from a third party, I have to process some SHA-512 hashing.  In Community Commons, there's  a hashing generation called generateHMAC_SHA256_hash.  SHA-512 seems not be available in Mendix. I would like to have some suggestions how to do the SHA-512 hashing ... 
    21-Jul-2017By Richard Loupatty
    8 hours ago
  • Failed to remove session ‘1e13f3d6-f4d1-4d23-94cb-9f85ca6a7fdd’ for us...
    Hi, Currently we are testing a new import procedure with a large amount of data (200.000 rows) and a couple of webservices calls per row. We use the Java action executeMicroflowAsUser_2 from the CommunityCommons to import the data in batches. This is done in the ProcessQueue in 1 QueueAction. It
    21-Jul-2017By Rens Janssen
    11 hours ago

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  • Card IO Scanner
    This Mendix widget allows your users to open up a scanner on their mobile phone and scan a credit or debit card. The widget will read the card numbers and name then assign these to Mendix attributes. This widget utilizes the technology and only works when wrapped as a
    9 hours ago
  • Star rating
    This widget lets users rate an object from 0 to 5 is and is easy to implement as it will behave like the core Mendix number input widget, only displays it values in stars.
    1 day ago
  • Time series
    Plot and track your data easily across different time periods on a chart.
    1 day ago



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