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  • Problem with deploying to sandbox (Failed to get Mendix Runtime metrics)?
    Hi all,   I encounter problems when deploying an app to Sandbox environment.   When looking into the application log with System Internals enabled, I see the following while the live website gives "resuming app...":   16:14:58 SYS INFO Updated app with guid 37580ed0-d538-4559-9a53-b4b241fde265 ({"state"=>"STOPPED"}) 16:14:58 APP INFO Waiting
    06-Dec-2016By Enzo
    4 hours ago
  • IFRAME widget working local not in cloud
    I have created a page where i use the iframe widget. I use modeler 6.10 and when I run the app local it shows the page nicely (just a simple URL but when i run the app in the cloud the Iframe is empty and doesn't show at all ???
    06-Dec-2016By Andy Kalbvleesch
    9 hours ago
  • How to handle callback of fetch
    Currently, I have the following code in my widget:   var splitArray = this.messageAttribute.split("/"); var path = splitArray[0]; var entity = splitArray[1]; var attr = splitArray[2]; this._contextObj.fetch(this._contextObj.getEntity() + "/" + path + "/" + entity, function(obj) { var message = obj.get(attr); }); However, this is not working: obj exists
    06-Dec-2016By Rom van Arendonk
    9 hours ago
  • Porting a Raiserror from SQLServer to Mendix
    Is it possible to port the message string from a Raiserror statement in SQLserver to a Mendix string?
    06-Dec-2016By Jan Joost Duijvestijn
    9 hours ago
  • Question about commit activity
      I have some activities in a microflow (above). My question is: when I commit the 'Core' object in the first activity, will that also commit the list of 'Child' that are associated with it? As you can see I am reading this list of Child by association and
    06-Dec-2016By Mark Perry
    10 hours ago
  • Lightbox Widget Formatting Question
    I am using the Lightbox widget from the appstore, which works great.  I would like to make the following 2 formatting changes: eliminate the bullet point before each image (see screenshot below) have the images 'wrap' into columns....when the widget is displaying multiple images, they are all in one long
    06-Dec-2016By Mike Kumpf
    15 hours ago


Developer Blog

  • New Cloud Foundry-based Mendix Cloud runs globally on AWS
    At Mendix, we’ve been frontrunners in adopting cloud technology to offer our customers a seamless experience managing the full application lifecycle; from idea to operate in the cloud. As Mendix is all about time to value, we saw a need to quickly deploy production-ready applications, so we launched the Mendix
    18-Nov-2016By Jouke Waleson
    3 weeks ago
  • Advanced Branching and Merging Strategies (Part 2 of 2)
    This is a guest blog by David de Groot – Mendix Consultant at Sogeti In the second part of this two-part blog I describe another advanced branching and merging strategy for complex operational environments. This strategy is based on my personal experience at current and past clients with (multiple) projects and ongoing
    28-Oct-2016By Mendix
    1 month ago
  • Advanced Branching and Merging Strategies (Part 1 of 2)
    This is a guest blog by David de Groot – Mendix Consultant at Sogeti In this two-part blog series, I will describe advanced branching and merging strategies for complex operational environments. These strategies are based on my personal experience at current and past clients with multiple projects and ongoing maintenance parallel to
    21-Oct-2016By Mendix
    2 months ago

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