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  • Changing cache TTL when running in the MendixCloud
    Is it possible to configure the local cache TTL when running within the MendixCloud? Currently is set to a year if my math is correct. The driving force behind this is that as I continue to develop my application, I will inevitably add a new widget, which a frequent user's local
    28-Mar-2017By Kyle Kunzer
    1 hour ago
  • Mendix Marquee Scroller
    Hi I am new to Mendix development.  I have downloaded the Marquee Scroller but can not work out how to add the data source. Please can you help?
    28-Mar-2017By Dan Wright
    4 hours ago
  • What is the ‘ProfileData’ that is send when the KeepAlive function is ...
    Our PEN-tester has requested information about the KeepAlive function that is called within our Mendix App. In particular, he wants to know what the 'profiledata' involves and to what extend this information can be considered sensitive.   Thanks in advance.    
    28-Mar-2017By Hugo Ernst
    5 hours ago
  • Filter entities based on selection on previous page
      I've created a page with a listview of Proces entities. With OnClick, it'll open a page that should list all the services from that specific proces. That page will in turn open a page with Servicepakket from the selected Service, etcetera. This is my microflow. It passes Proces
    28-Mar-2017By Jim Schoorl
    5 hours ago
  • Xpath Question – Process Core
    I'm trying to create a microflow that I can then select from a particular reference selector but I'm not getting the correct input parameter.   [MxModelReflection.Microflows_InputParameter/MxModelReflection.Parameter/MxModelReflection.Parameter_MxObjectType/MxModelReflection.MxObjectType/ProcessCore.Process_MxObjectType_ProcessInstance/ProcessCore.Process/ProcessCore.Condition_Process = '[%CurrentObject%]']   What exactly is this asking for?    
    28-Mar-2017By Christopher Minor
    6 hours ago
  • Data snapshot on Cloufoundry (Bluemix)
    Hi all,  We are currently experimenting with CloudFoundry on IBM Bluemix and running into trouble getting the data snapshot to work.  According to the documentation of the build pack, it should be possible to use the data snapshot included with the MDA with setting environment variable USE_DATA_SNAPSHOT to "true". When I
    28-Mar-2017By Joris Hooi
    6 hours ago

Mendix Wallpapers

Developer Blog

  • A Practical Guide to the Product Canvas
    Once upon a time a man of high regard said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” That man was Graham Bell, and what he meant with it is still very much true today. Most of you will be familiar with the Scrum methodology in combination with Mendix
    28-Mar-2017By Willem Gorisse
    7 hours ago
  • 3 Tips for Rewarding Agile Ceremonies
    So, you’re using Agile – great! The first few sprints can be difficult – learning the new methods can be trying and the value is not always easy to see. Once you understand the new processes, the meetings can become boring and repetitive. Here are three areas to focus on to
    16-Mar-2017By Adam Fothergill
    2 weeks ago
  • How We Built an IoT Application in 10 Days Using Watson IoT and IBM Blockchain
    The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up countless opportunities for businesses to drive smarter operations. Virtually every device and asset around us is becoming equipped with sensors that transmit data to the cloud. Naturally, many companies are eager to make IoT applications part of their business to drive new
    15-Mar-2017By Nick Ford
    2 weeks ago

App Store Updates

  • PickADayWidget
    This is a date picker for Mendix. It add support for inline editing of a date (structure is different from the normal Mendix date picker)
    4 hours ago
  • Vanilla Theme
    A starting point for advance custom styling
    6 hours ago
  • Search input widget
    An input box with an integrated search button.
    10 hours ago



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