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  • Background image Error
    Hi all, In my mobile app , Iam trying to add background image for all pages.I have tried adding this in one of my page css style background: url(images/bg.png) no-repeat; Error:404 - file not found for file: images/bg.png  
    29-May-2017By Vijayalakshmi Kumar
    47 mins ago
  • Mx 7 convert long to MendixIdentifier.
    What i would like to do is retrieve an object based on its entity(type) and on a long value. How can i convert the provided long value to a MxIdentifier, so that i can use the Core.retrieveId?
    29-May-2017By Pieter van de Braak
    4 hours ago
  • Who is taking care of Community-support modules which are not well-maintained?
    Like one at't-Hoen/Flat-&-delimited-file-import, who is taking care of Community-support modules which are not well-maintained? Who is the responsible person?
    29-May-2017By Isamu Tanaka
    5 hours ago
  • What is test criteria for Mendix platform and extended?
    I may understand that a test criteria for community modules is nothing or a little. However, what are test criteria for Mendix platform and extended? Mendix document says that these modules are proactively tested for every version of Mendix. My questions are: 1) How proactively testing for every version? 2) Do you
    29-May-2017By Isamu Tanaka
    5 hours ago
  • Change the object of a page
    Hi, We have a manager who is responsible for updating the employee-file in our company.  The unique key of the employee-entity is the emailadress. When our manager wants to create a new employee, an empty page is showed on which he can fill the employee-information, starting with the emailadress. Now it
    28-May-2017By Patrick Linckers
    16 hours ago
  • Dynamic width in Document template
    Hi Team,   Is there a way to achieve dynamic width(template grid) for column while generating a pdf document? Right now column width is fixed as we define in template.   Regards, Swathi  
    26-May-2017By Swathi
    3 days ago

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  • Mendix Graphical Reporting
    Mendix Graphical Reporting is a sample app showcasing all graphical reporting that can be done with Mendix. Covering the Out-Of-Box options, available Add-Ons in the app store and completely integrating the third party libraries like d3charts, fusion charts, high charts, and google charts etc. The app shows samples implemented for
    2 hours ago
  • Logistics IoT Tutorial
    Following this tutorial you will experience how to consume IoT services from a IoT Cloud platform and build a rich experience on top of the connected devices.
    6 days ago
  • SAML
    This module allows you to use SAML to authenticate your users in your cloud application. This module can communicate with any Identity provider that supports SAML2.0 or Shibboleth.
    6 days ago



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