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What is the use of "/metadata.json"

Hello, A recent security audit revealed the presence of a “metadata.json” file that is accessible for some applications when navigating to /metadata.json. It seems to show all microflows that are available to a certain user, which parameters they use and what associations are used. Can anybody…

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  • Security
  • json
  • metadata

DataList Search

unlike a datagrid, where you can perform a bunch of different search parameters, a DataList appears to have one single search bar, but you can add multiple attribute a list. If you want to do multi parameter search, is this possible with datalist built in? Or is it only one search at …

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Creating a microflow to increase or decrease a value of a label

I have a label and two buttons. Plus and Minus.  I want to be able to increase the number inside the label or decrease it by click on the buttons.  THis is my domain Model:       And now when I click on the category, the products appear of this category. I wan to be able to add quantity for this pr…

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  • Mendix

No Bundle URL Present error

Hello, I don’t know if this is happening because of the RN update or not but when running my app in XCode simulator I get the no bundle url present error.    Has anyone encountered or know how to resolve this?

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  • Mobile
  • Native-app
  • Bundle
  • simulator
  • Xcode

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  • Tree Table

    Show a Tree Table in your Mendix project! See an example of the domain model used in the screenshots. Please check Documentation tab or Github for further instructions

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    Want to improve the efficiency of your team? Use and customise the Tasks app to share and track the workload across your team.

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  • Start Your First App

    This tutorial teaches you the basics of Mendix development in Mendix Studio, enabling you to build your own app. You will learn how to set up pages and a domain model. By the end of this tutorial, you will have built your first web application using Studio.

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