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Arabic Text as default value

How to paste Arabic text within quotes  ‘Arabic’  in mendix as argument or parameter.. Somehow it doesnt work fine with right to left

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Could not find widgets 'Badge' in the 'widgets' directory

Hi I dev'ed an app. I did some updates on Mendix this morning and right after I did this, my app would no longer compile. It gives me the following messages: "Could not find widgets 'Badge' in the 'widgets' directory" and "Could not find widgets Progress Circle in the 'widgets" directory. I am usin…

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Internal Server Error

Hi there,   When I try to create an app this message always appears: Internal Server Error We failed to register your account in this app. Please try again later or contact the administrator of this app. We tried everything, close the browser, re-open, clear cache, and cookies, still same issue! Lo…

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Native Popup Menu, Fieldset widget, Conditional visibility - Mendix 8.9 Release Video May

This is the moment we have all been waiting for! The new Mendix Product Update video is here, sit back and enjoy the video.

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  • Twilio Video Chat

    Twilio Video Chat: A Mendix widget for video chats on the Twilio platform. This widget provides video chat functionalities based on the Twilio platform. As such, it can: - Add a user to a chat room. - Display video views with audio for all other participants in the room. - Display a preview...

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  • Salesforce Connector

    Leverage the Salesforce REST API with the Salesforce REST Connector module. This module helps you discover the possibilities of and provides some examples of how you could integrate Salesforce data into your app.

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  • E-mail Template Export and Import 7+

    This module enables you to export and import configured e-mail templates, including tokens and attachments. This way you don't have to configure those templates yourself again and again. When you save the XML files as part of your project the configuration is also under version control.

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