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how to import csv file into an entity

Hi, I want to read csv files that are located into folder   I am using the Import CSV java action from the CSV app store module the 1st parameter of the java action must be the actual csv f ile  Please advise.  

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Import Flat File

Hello everyone – I see various app store widgets for a flat file importer (my flat files are delimited by ^). However, those widgets are only available in an older version of Mendix. Since I’m on 8.1.0, is my best option to wait until Mendix or the widgets upgrade to that later v...

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Include "Wrapper" data in JSON Rest Call

Dear experts, I have a hard time trying to find a way to include a list of “additional drivers” into a REST call. Any ideas on how to solve that? Thanks Jonas   The respective JSON looks like the following: {     "gid": "USER_GID",     &quo...

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Flat & delimited file import

This application/module allows you to import flat & delimited files (e.g. csv ) from configuration in the runtime only, taking the java work out of your hands.

  • Oct 19, 2019
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Azure Application Insights by 2G

This module was created to integrate the logging from the Mendix applciation into Azure Application Insights. The purpose of this module is two-fold: - Send default Mendix logging to Application Insights - Send custom metrics information to Application Insights The reason for this is that if yo...

  • Oct 18, 2019
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