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Error code CE0106. Cannot find user roles

I am receiving error CE0106 when I attempt to run my application as apart of the mendix rapid developer course. It specifies that at least one role must be selected if the microflow is used… I found in this forum that one must right click on the ap…

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  • Microflow
  • microflow-debugging
  • Microflow-error
  • CE0106

Native radio buttons?

Hi, I cant find a widget for Radio buttons in Native app? Is it possible to find this in Native app mode?

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  • widget
  • Native-app
  • radio-button

Button color

Hi everyone,   I want that my buttons change their color when I move with my mouse on them. Can someone help my how to do that? And is it possible to change the color of the text inside a button?   Thank you!

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Unreadable font in Mendix Studio

Hi community, just getting started. But the fonts in Studio are so hard to read. Font is so narrow and thin. See screenshot. I'm using Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.66. Thanks in advance for your help

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Error in import mapping for JSON structure

In crash course, for step 4.2.3 I am getting an error as shown in the attachments. I am following exactly the same steps. I could not figure out this one. My Mendix Studio Pro version is 8.16.0.

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