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Bar Chart Y-Axis Labels Truncated?

Hi – I’m using the delivered bar chart widget, and my y-axis labels are truncated, i.e., the whole label doesn’t show? Any way around this? I didn’t see a way to configure size of labels on a bar chart. These would be the labels on each y-value.

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Search Bar on Data View?

Hi – is it possible/feasible to add a search bar to a data view so that, if I’m on a particular record but want to search for another record and then call up that one, I can go to it without having to close the data view and search back on the main data grid page? In other words: T…

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How to retrieve data based on its attribute?

Hi, I’m trying to build a page that shows specific data of an entity. The main page displays the entity and when I click on the name I want to see the specific data related to that name, but I see all the data available and not specified to the name I clicked on. How can I make…

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Consistency errors during "Build an App" course

On my SLA Task App training module, “Build an App in Mendix Studio”, after updating the microflow I started getting app consistency errors: Microflow 'SelectDoneStatus' does not return an object.CE0552TaskTrackerPage 'TaskEdit'Data view 'dataView1' The sele…

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  • Queue

    Welcome to the Mendix Queue module. This module is very useful for long-running microflows and parallel processing. It allows the user to control execution of each individual job from the UI. Important features: - Retry failed jobs - Multi-instance support (clustered runtime) - Schedule jobs us...

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  • Azure Application Insights by 2G

    This module was created to integrate the logging from the Mendix applciation into Azure Application Insights. The purpose of this module is two-fold: - Send default Mendix logging to Application Insights - Send custom metrics information to Application Insights The reason for this is that if yo...

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  • Start Your First App

    This tutorial teaches you the basics of Mendix development in the Web Modeler (beta), enabling you to build your own app. You will learn how to set up pages and a domain model. By the end of this tutorial, you will have built your first web application using the Web Modeler.

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