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  • Link to sandbox from modeler View App button
    The link from the Link to sandbox from modeler View App button does not link to correct URL, maybe beecause I copied to project.   Where is this link maintained?
    26-Jun-2017By Arthur van der Molen
    2 hours ago
  • Slide In / Slide out widget not shown on IOS
    We use the slide in / slide out widget from the app store. It works fine on windows and android but doesn't show up on IOS tablets.  
    26-Jun-2017By andre luijkx
    4 hours ago
  • In using ‘conversation’ of the IBM Watson Connector Suite, the context...
    Hi, I have built a dialog using IBM's Bluemix. That dialog can be loaded into the example project. However, any context that is created during the chat gets lost. Once I checked it, the same happened with the context that is created in the Car Sample Project of IBM. This
    26-Jun-2017By Mark Beukeboom
    5 hours ago
  • List view tabbing – version 7
    I have a list view, with datasource as microflow containing a table with various attributes (each with tab index = 0). This can tab through the attributes correctly for the first line. However, when it reaches the end of the line, it will not tab to the next line and instead
    26-Jun-2017By Charlie Fazackerley
    6 hours ago
  • What kind of anti-virus and/or malware software is installed on Mendix Cloud?
    We are researching a security specification of Mendix Cloud, especially below topics * malware and/or anti-virus software * countermeasure to vulnerability on realtime base A document does not say anything about virus or malware at all: Security for Cloud- and On Premise Deployment. Mendix App Platform Technical Whitepaper Or, no plan?
    26-Jun-2017By Isamu Tanaka
    12 hours ago
  • What is Mendix Cloud’s countermeasure to DDoS?
    Is there any countermeasure to DDoS on Mendix Cloud? I do not find any specification or white-paper about Mendix Cloud inside. Or, no plan?
    26-Jun-2017By Isamu Tanaka
    12 hours ago

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  • Dataview Loader
    When you retrieve large amounts of data, especially with integrations, it takes a while for the pages to load, and the Users can't see or do anything. Mendix shows a loader until ALL data is retrieved, and only then it shows the complete page. Wouldn't it be better if we
    9 hours ago
  • Community Commons Function Library
    This module adds a number reusable Java methods to your project, which can be called from Microflows or custom Java actions. The content of this module is the result of many questions and answers posted at, and investigating several project. The module addes functionality for working with Dates, Batches,
    10 hours ago
  • Mobile Device Info
    This is a mobile only widget that retrieves information about your device and mobile app. It can retrieve the following data: - Device ID: the unique id of the device - Device platform: the platform on which the app runs, e.g. Android/iOS/Web. - App name: the user friendly name of
    2 days ago



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