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Accessibility improvements, New refresh control, Mendix World 2.0 - Mendix 8.12 Release Video

This is the moment we have all been waiting for! The new Mendix Release video is here, sit back and enjoy the video.

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  • Bizzomate Avola Decision Adapter

    This module connects to the new version of Avola Decision and makes it easy for Mendix developers to integrate the Avola engine in a Mendix project. All supported API operations are supporting in which the authentication, synchronisation and execution is handled. For more information about Avola...

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  • Mendix Feedback Widget

    This widget enables direct feedback and enhances collaboration. The feedback feature allows end-users of your application to directly submit feedback into your project with screenshots and annotations. The widget automatically attaches additional information such as username, user roles, active...

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  • On Any Change

    Trigger an event on any Attribute change

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