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Default Validation Behavior

I have deleted the invalid data in the input box and did not enter the correct data type. When I click on other input boxes, the previous error validation information still exists, and the value also exists. How to solve this?Do I have to enter the correct value? Just deleting the value doesn't see…

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Trigger microflow on object creation.

Hi team, Is there a way that i can automatically trigger a microflow when a new object is created in the database and also get that object as a parameter in the triggered microflow? Thnaks, Rahul

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Maker of the Month Challenge: August | Special

Hello, Makers!   We’re excited to announce the Maker of the Month challenge of August. What is the challenge you might wonder? We'll challenge you with a new challenge based on the new release every month, the perfect opportunity to test and to show off your Mendix skills. Whoever provides the most…

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Displaying ONLY the head of a list in list view (or data view)

Hello all,   I am currently displaying a list on my page through a list view over association. I would like to be able to show ONLY the head (First item) in the list and none of the other entries, aswell as no “load more” button. I cannot access the same association when using a data view so if any…

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Free Chatbots to use with Mendix?

My challenge is to implement a sort of Q&A option for users of a portal and thought about chatbots. Are there any free chatbots that can integrate with a Mendix app?

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    Want to improve the efficiency of your team? Use and customise the Tasks app to share and track the workload across your team.

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    The Employee Onboarding starter app enables you to capture data about new hires and keep track of employee onboarding within your organisation. Allow new employees to fill out information such as personal, emergency and bank details. Then review the new employees in the HR admin view.

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    This tutorial teaches you the basics of Mendix development in Mendix Studio, enabling you to build your own app. You will learn how to set up pages and a domain model. By the end of this tutorial, you will have built your first web application using Studio.

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