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Mendix Import objects to the page context object

Dear Experts, I am trying to import a list of objects from the excel sheets and i am trying to import those objects to other objects which are in context with associations.   I could import objects directly to DB without associating it to parent object, but i need help in associating the imported o…

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Chart hovertext causes 2 hover labels

If I want to change the way the numbers in my chart hovering are formatted, I go into the series and add this and it works if I add:  "hovertemplate": "%{y:$,.0f}" However now I get TWO hover labels. One is correct according to this above format, but the OLD one still shows up too. Is there a way t…

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Error with colomn chart

Hello, so here’s the issue we are having. We are planning to get a column chart made from a list of 2 different entity attributes which are Rack/Rack(String) and Top_2/Field1 and store those values in Graph as shown below. We tried creating a microflow where it sorts the graph of Rack(String) and p…

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  • Bizzomate Token Replacer

    The Bizzomate Token Replacer is all you need to get app data into texts. Examples are e-mails (mail merge) and letters. The Bizzomate Token Replacer makes it easier to set it up as a developer and to maintain or edit the tokens as an administrator. Although some knowledge of the domain model is...

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  • Salesforce Connector

    Leverage the Salesforce REST API with the Salesforce REST Connector module. This module helps you discover the possibilities of and provides some examples of how you could integrate Salesforce data into your app.

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  • Push Notifications Connector

    Push Notifications let your application notify a user of events even when the user is not actively using the application. This is a native capability provided by both Android and iOS devices and made available via Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and Apple Push Notifications service (APNs). This proj...

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