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Files Conflicted

Hi ,   Please help me with the following error. in the conflict list, there is no conflict but when I update my apps the following errors appear . if proceed with commit , then following error occurred. Please advice  

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"Sticky" Progress Bar not going away

In our app we're seeing instances where the Progress Bar (i.e. shaded bar w/ the dots) is sticking around after the initial application load. The page works fine behind it but the bar sits on top of the page. It's completely inconsistent and does not happen with any perceptible pattern. Has anyon...

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Mendix Community Update April 2018

Mendix 7.13 introduces the latest Atlas UI update with charting and graphing capabilities, even more nanoflow features, plus Instant Update to speed up your re-deployment time.

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CM Demo app - Send and receive SMS - Number Verifier

The CM Demo application allows you to test the SMS module and Number Verifier module of CM. The demo has both modules fully integrated in a fully functional app so you can actually test every functionality to see how it works. The CM SMS module integration enables you to send and receive text me...

  • Apr 20, 2018
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CM Number Verifier

With the CM Number verifier you can either validate phone number formats as well as doing a status lookup for mobile phone numbers. Start in 3 simple steps: 1. Create a CM demo account at 2. Store the CM product token in the constant ProductToken in the NumberVerifier m...

  • Apr 20, 2018
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CM SMS Connector

With the CM SMS connector you can send and receive SMS via the SMS gateway of CM. Start in 3 simple steps: 1. Create a CM demo account at 2. Store the CM product token in the constant ProductToken in the module BulkSMS 3. Start sending messages with the SUB_SendSM...

  • Apr 20, 2018
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