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Version 8 Beta css issue

Does anyone know if this is being addressed and if so and when? I have a prototype presentation next week and this is problematic for me. Any help would be appreciated.   Thank you.

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Ed Smith


Update mendix version

I’m updte mendix version follow the instructions on the web studio, My application has a display problem. Is there any suggestion for this problem? Thank you. After update my application have problem show navigation,icon and layout of web page follow url. https://www.i...

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Passing Parameters to Microflow

Hello All, I have created a microflow which expects a date range to create an object for a chart entity. But I am unable to pass fromDate and toDate as an argument from the screen. Desired flow:  Screen (Select date range) → Click ‘Call Microflow Button’ → C...

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This widget adds CSS classes determined by a microflow (or nanoflow) to elements determined by CSS selector. It's useful in applications that need to determine styling based on arbitrary logic and change it dynamically in runtime. An example may be a multi-tenant app with different styling for d...

  • Jul 19, 2019
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With the AnyChart it is possible to build all the chart types that are possible with Plotly.js and it allows you build highly dynamic charts. So if you want to build a 3D chart or have a dynamic set of series, the AnyChart is your friend. The plotly charts require a configuration based on JSON a...

  • Jul 17, 2019
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Hellosign Module

This Module is intended for the integration with the Hellosign Document Management platform. The intent is to continually add content and integrations over time. In version 1.0 the following API examples are available: Embedded Signature Request Signature & Document Status Handli...

  • Jul 16, 2019
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