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  • Mendix 6.10.4 crasht when I try to open a project
    Hello, My mendix moduler crashes when I try to open any project. It says: Mendix doesn't work anymore (het programma werkt niet meer). Ik heb al wat dingen geprobeerd, zoals opnieuw installeren maar het probleem blijft.
    27-Feb-2017By Pim van Ballegoijen de Jong
    2 hours ago
  • Show a page microflow activity and mendix 6 documentation
    Hi guys, I was going through the documentation updated 17 days ago and i was wondering how in 6.10 the modeller allows me to set pop ups as blocking and i found a discrepency in the modeller and the documentation and am still wondering where in the microflow i can
    27-Feb-2017By Leon de Kuiper
    3 hours ago
  • Date Format
      Hi, How do I add following format date into mendix Mon 02/13/2017    
    27-Feb-2017By Himashree Hosurkar
    3 hours ago
  • OQL Query, using over and devide
    Do anyone know if I can use Over() in oql query from a report.  Mendix does not like over() and / ()devide SELECT dep,          COUNT (*) as theCount,        sum(count(*)) over()  as total_cnt,          round(100*(count(*) / sum(count(*)) over ()),2) as  
    27-Feb-2017By Frankie Dumas
    4 hours ago
  • #015 in logs
    Quite some of the rules in our server log seem to be appended with '#015'. Does anybody know what this means? It happens in two different applications and i can't find any reference of this. Example: Feb 24 20:10:36.052 - WARNING - Lorem Ipsum: (1/2) blablablabla#015
    27-Feb-2017By Pjotr
    4 hours ago
  • Can I restrict the files which are not pdf files while browsing a file to upload i...
    Hi. In my project, I am merging some files which are uploaded manually by using upload functionality. When I am trying to browse the file, I have a list files (e.g., Excel, Word, Images and Text documents etc.) Can I restrict them while I am browsing the file? I need
    27-Feb-2017By Venkat L
    5 hours ago


Developer Blog

  • Mendix 7 Runtime Changes: Stateless Runtime, Runtime API & More REST
    Many of the Mendix 7 features announced during Mendix World 2016 have been rolled out in recent months. In this blogpost we’ll highlight one of the most significant changes in this month’s release: the new Mendix runtime. There is one part of Mendix 7 that we didn’t talk about much
    27-Feb-2017By Andrej Koelewijn
    3 hours ago
  • Building a Mobile App with Mendix – Part 4
    Building a Mobile App – Advanced topics This is the last blog in a series of blogs about building hybrid mobile apps with Mendix. Part one is about preparing your software, devices, and accounts, while part two is about building an actual app. Part three discusses the more technical details
    23-Feb-2017By Danny Roest
    4 days ago
  • Mendix 7 Now Available: The Sophisticated High Productivity Platform for the Digit...
    Today we released several major new platform capabilities that further advance our position as the leading high productivity—with high control—aPaaS provider. They’ve been in the works for some time, and I’m excited to tell you that they’re now generally available. Major Features Released to Date Before diving into what’s new,
    21-Feb-2017By Gordon Van Huizen
    6 days ago

App Store Updates

  • Employee Directory
    Employee Directory focuses on the main aspects of managing a big group of people, like a company or institution, and gives the user the ability to view a simple and brief overview of this group. Upon clicking on an employee a more informative view can be shown. Not only does
    3 hours ago
  • Survey Builder DX
    Survey Builder lets you create and send surveys with ease. A simple poll? In-depth market research? We’ve got you covered. Create any type of survey—from simple to sophisticated—with our powerful and easy-to-use survey builder. This sample App is using the Questionnaire module from the App Store.
    4 hours ago
  • Company Expenses
    Expenses focuses on the main aspects of managing the moneyflow within a company or institution, where costs made by employees will be refunded. It gives each user a certain role which determines which functions they will have to fulfill as well as which abilities they have within the application. Not
    5 hours ago



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