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  • TemplateGrid Datasource executes twice
    I'm new to Mendix, so I'm hoping this is a simple mistake on my part. I have a page with a DataView. The Datasource type for the DataView is "Context". Within this DataView I have a Tab Container. One of the Tabs of the Tab Container has a Template Grid.
    25-Apr-2017By Rick Connors
    57 mins ago
  • Deeplink guests and Anonymous users
    I have been searching for this answer for a while, but have not found a definitive answer: Is it a requirement that Anonymous users be enabled in my application in order to successfully use the 'Allow Guests' option in the Deeplink configuration? My application requires that users login to access
    24-Apr-2017By Kyle Kunzer
    11 hours ago
  • Show all records from Database when the reference selector is empty
    Hi.   I have this application I am building which shows a record in a document template based upon the input variables a user submits. Its actualy a Report. For this I created an Entity that holds the Report Paramaters, such as Start_Date, End_Date so on. It is also asociated
    24-Apr-2017By Dilan Pinnedoowe
    11 hours ago
  • Custom domain with self-signed certificate
    Hello everyone! I was wondering if it's possible to host an app on the mendix cloud with a self-signed certificate through LetsEncrypt instead of having to work with a CA? I intend to use this cert to host a custom throw-away domain for testing before determining if we should actually
    24-Apr-2017By Sid
    12 hours ago
  • How can my REST microflow pick up the correct object at http://localhost/rest/serv...
    I currently have this: The transaction retrieved from the database is just the first one it finds in the database.   I would like it to retrieve the object of the objectid requested.
    24-Apr-2017By Rogier Sluimers
    17 hours ago
  • File does not exist when trying to call a POST.
    This is the data I'm sending to my publish service: { "Persoon":"5", "TransactieType_ID":1, "DatumEnTijd":"2012-04-23T18:25:43.5110000Z", "Bedrag":0.15, }   My microflow The mapping: I have set "Enable Create" to true, thus expecting a new object being created. I however recieve this error:   com.mendix.core.CoreRuntimeException: Exception occurred in action
    24-Apr-2017By Rogier Sluimers
    17 hours ago

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  • Process Queue
    Each project contains microflows that take a lot of processing power and are executed often. These microflows can negatively influence the performance of your application during peak usage. This module enables you to control the amount of these microflows that are executed at once by assigning them to queues. Each
    14 hours ago
  • CollapseGroupBoxWidget
    Continuation of my work at Synobsys. Provide the user with one button to collapse or expand many groupboxes at the same time.
    19 hours ago
  • Telco Field Service App
    Telco Field Services focuses on the main aspects of managing the installations for field engineers installing Internet, Telephone and TV's. Users have the ability to see all their installations for a given day and get a route to the installation address. The user can also gather a signature from the
    22 hours ago

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