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  • Integrating Mendix File storage with a file-sharing solution (e.g. Dropbox)
    We are building a solution that will store a variety of documents related to client accounts. The Mendix app will provide quick access to those documents, ensure that documents required by regulation or process are present, and expire documents that need periodic refreshes. We want to have these documents live
    18-Jan-2018By Rob Bartholomew
    2 hours ago
  • simple checkbox set selector max number of items
    I am using a simple checkbox set selector to allow users to select items. I have 59 items but am only seeing 50 displayed.  Does anyone know if 50 is the max allowed or a way to work around this?   Thanks, Tracy
    18-Jan-2018By Tracy Corson
    4 hours ago
  • Can Mendix run on Snowflake?
    Can Mendix run on Snowflake?
    18-Jan-2018By Patrick Gerardi
    5 hours ago
  • Security implications of client-side transient objects in Mendix 7
    I was reading this section on transient objects in Mendix 7: I was wondering what the security implications of this changes are (i.e. storing transient objects client-side).   For instance we are hosting several user registration forms on our mendix instances. In these forms user input is validated on each
    18-Jan-2018By Tom Philippi
    8 hours ago
  • How do I pass an entity to a page with a data view?
    I'm fairly new to Mendix and am looking to create a page (using a data view) where I capture user input, this input of course needs to be linked to the relevant data source/entity. I have already completed the introduction course but am unsure as to how to implement a form
    18-Jan-2018By Austin Edwards
    9 hours ago
  • Cache is not always properly filled when using java actions
    I noticed that my java action was not always retrieving all the latest uncomitted changes when retrieving a object from an association. I retrieve an object like this: Object value = this.parent.getValue(getContext(), metaAssociation.getName()); if (value instanceof IMendixIdentifier) {     IMendixObject object = Core.retrieveId(this.getContext(), (IMendixIdentifier) value); } It's like it
    18-Jan-2018By Martijn Raats
    9 hours ago

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  • Mendix and SAP Partner to Speed App Development for Enterprises
    We are excited to announce a global reseller partnership with SAP, who adopted Mendix as its worldwide low-code solution. This partnership will help enterprises build custom applications on their SAP systems much faster than traditional development approaches allow. Read the blog to learn more.
    26-Sep-2017By Pranshu Tewari
    4 months ago
  • How to Rapidly Build Apps Without Coding
    Instead of worrying about what kinds of databases to pick, what kind of coding language to build your app in or what kind of UI/UX components to use, learn how to build apps without coding using a low-code platform.
    25-Sep-2017By Daniela Field
    4 months ago
  • Simplifying Multi-Channel App Development Through Reusability
    Users expect functional differences based on the device type, like Information rich grids on the desktop, large simple buttons on mobile, and uncluttered graphics for small screens. Learn our quick and easy solution for creating the right multi-channel experience without needing to start from scratch.
    21-Sep-2017By Robert Bond
    4 months ago

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  • SAP OData Connector
    The SAP OData Connector is a specific SAP connector for integrating with SAP back-end systems like SAP Business Suite (SAP ERP 6.0), SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and SAP SuccessFactors.
    1 week ago
  • Set focus on error widget
    Reposition the screen to show validation errors. Continuation of my work at Synobsys. Ready for Mx7. Items no longer need to be in a table cell.
    2 weeks ago
  • Database replication
    Use this module to import data from existing databases into your Mendix application. You can define how to map each table, column and relation to your Mendix domain model. Complex mappings over multiple table joins are supported as well. The module can be configured using the client or using Java.
    2 weeks ago



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