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Auto Sign in with local windows active directory

I want to auto-sign in using active directory so I added the LDAP module from the store. I connected it successfully to the Active Directory server and I’ve got all users and save it to the database. But I couldn’t find a way to auto-sign in or at least get the current active director...

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  • Integrations
  • windows
  • Active-directory
  • auto-login

Mendix Word Document Generation with dynamic values

Hi all, I am trying to generate a word document from an MX application dynamically populating values into Field Codes and bookmarks. Any suggestions on how can I leverage OpenXML SDK for office to achieve this objective? Thanks in advance. Ravi.

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  • Integrations
  • Word
  • OpenXMLSDK
  • DocumentGeneration
  • Document-template
  • Word-bookmarks



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With the AnyChart it is possible to build all the chart types that are possible with Plotly.js version 1.51.2 and it allows you to build highly dynamic charts. So if you want to build a 3D chart or have a dynamic set of series, the AnyChart is your friend. The plotly charts require a configurat...

  • Dec 06, 2019
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Native Mobile Quickstart

Quickly get started building your native mobile app with a default set of widgets and nanoflow actions.

  • Dec 06, 2019
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