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  • search results data grid refresh problem
    Hi,   I noticed that when doing a search, after getting the results in a data grid and going to the next "page" of results (i'm showing only 20 out of very many, per page), if i do a new search, the new results are shown, but the user will
    24-Jan-2017By Cristian Selaru
    4 hours ago
  • Change default environment to deploy to
    Our project has three cloud environments: Test, Acceptance, and Production.  We always deploy to the Test environment first, then transport it to Acceptance and then to Production, when accepted. However, Mendix by default has a deploy to Acceptance. Now we need to change the environment manually every time we deploy.
    24-Jan-2017By Mariëtte de Graaf
    4 hours ago
  • Rights issue
    hi iwant to know what role should be assigned to me if i want the rights to deploy anything on mendix licensed cloud or to take the back up of the database from the same cloud
    24-Jan-2017By divya rajpal
    5 hours ago
  • In-Memory Object Accessible for all the users (sessions)
    Hi, We are working with Java Actions, which need to work with many files (read only). We have seen that it is not efficient to open the files for every user that executes this Java Action, instead, we would like to create a HashMap with all the files, cache it
    24-Jan-2017By Leonardo Scricca
    6 hours ago
  • Big decrease in perfomance with parallel webservice calls
    We are performing loadtests on webservices published from a Mx app. We notice a big decrease in performance when using parallel threads. The more threads the longer it takes We also see a big variance in the min and max execution times There are 15 webservices in our testsuite. They
    24-Jan-2017By René Smit
    7 hours ago
  • Java Action will not work before login
    We have a Java Action to return the type of browser so that we can then determine how to display a PDF (use PDFjs or not). The java action works fine once the user is logged into the App, but we also have a button on the login screen that
    24-Jan-2017By Simon Belsten
    9 hours ago


Developer Blog

  • Using React in Mendix Widgets
    By leveraging React in the views for your custom Mendix widgets, you can compose user interfaces that are rich, beautiful and complex. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It leverages component-based development to allow faster, more modular creation and organization of assets. It allows developers to control
    19-Jan-2017By Conner Charlebois
    5 days ago
  • Mendix Insider: From Intern to Employee
    My name is Erik Klein Geltink, a former Erasmus University student and one of the Mendix employees who started with an internship and received a job offer after graduating. I started in October last year as a Business Engineer, and in the three months I’ve been here I have learned
    06-Jan-2017By Erik Klein Geltink
    3 weeks ago
  • New Cloud Foundry-based Mendix Cloud Runs Globally on AWS
    At Mendix, we’ve been frontrunners in adopting cloud technology to offer our customers a seamless experience managing the full application lifecycle; from idea to operate in the cloud. As Mendix is all about time to value, we saw a need to quickly deploy production-ready applications, so we launched the Mendix
    18-Nov-2016By Jouke Waleson
    2 months ago

App Store Updates

  • Task Manager Application
    This layout was built with the popular Bootstrap framework from Twitter and has been styled in a modern flat design. You can use this layout if you are building a simple task manager. Manage your tasks with priorities, due date, attachments, notes and status. Suitable for desktop and mobile (retina
    3 hours ago
  • StyleSheetSwitcher
    Change the stylesheet based on the outcome of a microflow. Useful for multitenant environments or user based styling.
    7 hours ago
  • Tab Extension (Dynamic tab names, Buttons)
    Extends the Mendix tab with some nice features. - Set the name of the tab based on a attribute value - Simple template for names. Use badge in tabs. "4" - Add buttons next to the tabs. (rendered as Button, link or Tab) - Responsive moving second row of tabs
    7 hours ago



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